Can It Get Any Slower Getting To Eugene, Oregon?

After a girls late night chat session I pried my eyes open the next morning. I was hungry in Seattle and needed some sustanence to fuel me for the long day ahead – want to make up lost ground on the journey to San Fran. That meant another eating opportunity! Hello, oyster breakfast platter! Eeewww was my first reaction when the waitress first offered it but on second thought, why not!

The Bay Cafe is a favorite Seattle brunch spot (my cousin’s girlfriend’s too) and popular seafood restaurant on the waterfront so the oyster breakfast would be the culmination of both worlds. I will post additional pictures when I return home as the restaurant pix are stuck in the camera. *Note to self: physically test all power cords and adapter when packing and make sure to take out memory card from laptop*. As a forethought (or in hindsight depending how you look at it lol) I shopped for a power inverter for all my gizmos before heading out on the road again i.e. another delayed start…

The goal for the day was to get to Grants Pass, Oregon for a night of camping but after driving six hours straight I made it only into Eugene last night. OMG the rush hour through Portland is as hellish as Seattle’s. Had a quick taco truck dinner at Dos Banderas (don’t get the wrong idea, it was good) and negotiated a nice, clean room at Campus Inn. Kinda glad I didn’t have to pitch a tent after all!

Well, it’s the next morning and day two has come and gone. Wish I had more time to explore Eugene! It’s a funky university town with a large variety of food spots and a plethora of arts and adventures. And all the people are so friendly whether in the service industry or on the street. I’m a full day behind schedule but it’s warm and sunny and I’m packed and ready to leave Eugene, Oregon.

California, here I come!

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