Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” Event
Summary October 4, 2011

Apple iPhone 4S

Picture source: Apple Inc.

Many people were on the edge of their seats waiting for Apple’s big iPhone reveal today as they sat through news of their other updates and apps. All and all I think most people were quite pleased with Apple’s offerings. Here’s a run down of most of the goodies… Prices are U.S. – don’t know how different it’ll be for Canada.

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Happy Birthday! Wikipedia Turns 10 Today!

Wikipedia-10 Years of SharingHappy Birthday Wikipedia! The free online collaborative encyclopedia turns 10 years old today.

In online years Wikipedia would be considered a senior citizen, a most commendable feat, but I hope to see them around for much longer. I suspect they will because there are an endless amount of people out there who can’t help but share their knowledge (>17 million articles in 271 languages with 3.5 million alone in the English edition) and there are even more who want to consume this knowledge (408 million monthly viewers a month). Think about how many times you’ve read a Wikipedia entry and of the millions of lazy students scouring the world wide web lol. Continue reading

The Results Of My
Flash Animation Course

On Your Mark! Animated Banner

I’ve been pre-occupied the last week working on my final project for the beginners Flash animation course I just completed. It was frustrating to learn to say the least – new concepts, jargon, functions and scripting (code) – all Greek to me. Maybe there was too much crammed into an 18 hour course? Maybe my low energy levels? Maybe my learning style wasn’t compatible to the teaching style? Maybe my expectations were too high (again)? Nevertheless, as difficult as it seemed Flash is one of the most fun programs I’ve learned to use! Just have to figure out how to make use of this knowledge I’m acquiring ;o)
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