Hello World from the Unscripted Mind!

You may be wondering what the Unscripted Mind is all about but it’s just reflections of whatever’s on my mind and whatever I’m into at the time.  It could be me on my soapbox raving about something you or I experienced; be it a new movie, the latest song by the Hiptones, snowboarding in Whistler, my hometown Vancouver, a great deal on a LCD TV or container gardening.  It could be me ranting about the inhumanity going on around us from the tar sands and toxins in our food supply to shark finning or from overly air conditioned buildings and aging to dirty bird pooping pigeons!  Oh, where is the humanity!

It could be some useless trivia useful to mankind or something that might become my magnum opus.  More than likely, you’ll see lots of useful trivia for mankind since I’m an information junkie and I like to wander “researching” this infinite virtual space of ours called the world wide web.  Maybe you are wondering how to choose a wireless printer or where to best view the Grand Canyon.  Maybe you’ve always wanted to know what the magnification numbers of binoculars mean or when you should change over to snow tires.  Maybe you’ve never wanted to know who invented velcro or why you shouldn’t drink milk.

My hope is the content in the Unscripted Mind will be helpful, entertaining and rousing enough for you to take action, to leave a comment or maybe just to make you think twice.

This is my first post ever and I’m both excited and nervous about penning my thoughts for the world to see but what the heck!  I’m also excited to learn more of the technical process of the internet and of blogging so you’ll likely see a few incarnations of the Unscripted Mind over time.  Hmmm, I see another topic for the website…

Yep, no real theme to the blog just much ado about nothing.  Is there such a thing as a reverse double negative?  Whatever, I’ll try to keep it organized for posterity and for my OCD ;o)

Enjoy and I hope to see you again soon!


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