Journey to Eureka! Part Two

Beach seagull bannerLogged lots of miles on my third day – saw incredible scenery, crazy wood art, a gray whale, feasted on food made with heart and soul and met lots of friendly folks! It’s been such an eventful day that I’ve covered it in two posts. This being part II with pictures at the bottom… Having left the wacky Burl Gallery in Kerby, Oregon I headed towards my first seaside destination – Crescent City, California! The beach is as pretty as I remember it but not very crowded possibly due to the cooler temperatures that hit the coast this weekend (just my luck) and small surf.

The next thing along Hwy 101 that caught my eye was a pair of gold lions on the Klamath River Bridge over… you guessed it, the Klamath River! As I posed for a picture with one of the lions I noticed a crowd at the other end looking over the bridge. My curiosity got the best of me so I hoofed it over to the other end. Continue reading

Testing My Brown Thumb With
Beefsteak Tomatoes

Overcrowded and mangled Beefsteak Tomatoes 1 month.

Overcrowded & mangled beefsteak tomatoes after a windstorm.

I’m attempting to grow a few beefsteak tomato plants in containers on my patio this year to test my brown thumb again.  How does one kill cacti?  Couldn’t tell you.  It just happens 🙁  Up until last year I’ve managed to keep only five spindly green houseplants alive longer than a few years.

Things may be taking a turn for the better though.  Last year a wonderful neighbour gave a bunch of us ladies in the building seedling cherry tomato plants to kick off the summer solstice.  Gulp!  I panicked.  Could I nurture this living organism to maturity?  Or would I have to bare facing my neighbour as the person who puts her summer solstice gesture out to pasture?  Continue reading