Who Are Florence and The Machine?

Florence and the Machine debut album Lungs

Florence and the Machine debut album Lungs

I love one of Vancouver’s newest radio station, 100.5 FM – the Peak.  They profile a lot of up and coming independent adult alternative rock.  One day shortly before the MTV music video awards I was looking through their facebook fan page (is it still called that?) and came across this video of Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Gone”.  I had never heard of them but Oh My Goodness!

You know how a lot of music videos are so “artsy” and you go “WTF”?  Well, that’s how it started out as I sat there stunned trying to figure out if there was a meaning to their madness but then I don’t know what happened!  I started loosing control over my body, my toes started tapping, my head started bobbing, shoulders swaying, then a huge smile came over my face and my torso started rocking it. That’s just how good the music made me feel!

Don’t get put off by this weird video. Watch it first and then hear me out to the end ;o)

So not wanting to be disillusioned by this very artsy piece I wanted to make sure they weren’t just nut jobs with a one hit wonder on their hands. Yeah! Fortunately for us they’re (she’s) very talented and as a matter of fact very charasmatic, sassy and genuine which I think endears her to her fans!

Florence and the Machine is named after frontman Florence Welch, who hails from London. She is backed by the Machines made up of session musicians that vary depending on her performance needs. She states that in her teens “The name Florence and the Machine started off as a private joke that got out of hand. I made music with my friend, who we called Isabella Machine to which I was Florence Robot. When I was about an hour away from my first gig, I still didn’t have a name, so I thought “Okay, I’ll be Florence Robot/Isa Machine”, before realizing that name was so long it’d drive me mad”. Isabella parted ways for a short time but has returned to be the regular keyboard player.

Her/their debut album (I’m not sure how to properly address F&TM) “Lungs”, released in the summer of 2009, reached #1 in the UK, #13 in Europe and #17 on the US Billboard “Heatseekers” list. It then reached #2 on the itunes singles list after their performance on the MTV awards this month. It’s still September isn’t it? They return to the studio this fall to work on their second album. I look forward to hearing lots more from this young UK group!

This next video gives you a glimpse of the real Florence Welsh and the band’s energy charged first American performance at the Coachella Music Festival this past Spring.  Whew! That’s a mouthful! I hope you enjoy Florence+the Machines as much as I do! Let me know if they move you or not!



  1. What a great post!! I love finding out about new bands I have never heard or seen before! I also really love a good song that gets you dancing when you are alone in your car and you crank it up sooo loud!!


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