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I’ve been pre-occupied the last week working on my final project for the beginners Flash animation course I just completed. It was frustrating to learn to say the least – new concepts, jargon, functions and scripting (code) – all Greek to me. Maybe there was too much crammed into an 18 hour course? Maybe my low energy levels? Maybe my learning style wasn’t compatible to the teaching style? Maybe my expectations were too high (again)? Nevertheless, as difficult as it seemed Flash is one of the most fun programs I’ve learned to use! Just have to figure out how to make use of this knowledge I’m acquiring ;o)

Well, I think Dreamweaver (DW) was the most difficult of the web courses I’ve taken – probably due to my high expectations of what I would gain from a part-time beginners course and my impatience lol! My instructor said alot of those “simple” elements/functions on webpages I wanted to re-create are actually advanced level material. Apparently, even the most experienced DW professionals will confess to still not knowing it’s full capabilities. I didn’t believe him so I plowed ahead anyways. I got frustrated. I struggled. He was right. Pppht!

I’ve always love exploring cool sites in this virtual world so Dreamweaver has given me an EVEN DEEPER appreciation of good web design but it also left me feeling weary and deflated. Until now that is!

Click the three images below to see how Flash has re-ignited my spark. Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think or what things have (re)inspired you!

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Donna's Haunted Corner - Final Flash project

Final Project - Putting It All Together

*Yep, there’s a slight glitch with the music buttons…


  1. Oooo dreamweaver is something hard to learn! I had taught myself when I was at the software company I worked at and now I am not too shabby at it 😉 I use a free software online called sumo paint, it is ALMOST the same!

    Great job and great post!


  2. I have heard a little about dreamweaver…I used to work for an IT school, doing job placement MANY years ago. My creative knowledge on the computer doesn’t go past Adobe photoshop Elements 6. Great job with your projects! You seem very talented!

  3. Thanks for your question. The Flash and Dreamweaver courses I took were part of a Web Publisher Certificate program at Langara College, held as evening courses 3 hours once a week for 6 weeks, in classroom with lots of hands-on instruction for $349. There was approximately 10-20 hours homework every week depending how detailed or complex you wanted to make your own projects. The next two levels of Flash courses (optional, which I didn’t take & part of a Web Developer Certificate program) focus on ActionScript programming. Hope this is what you’re looking for.

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